How To Write A Top Personality Profile For Free HIV Dating Sites

The most important part of joining free dating sites is composing an outstanding personality profile. By following a few simple tips, you will have a profile that makes potential mates sit up and take notice.

The purpose of joining free dating sites is to find a potential partner. Yet for these sites to be effective, it is important to effectively market yourself. With all the hundreds of other people online, your profile must stand out above all others. There are a few tips you can follow to make your personality profile stand out amongst all the others.

Be Honest

Do not lie on your profile. This is the most important tip to follow when writing a personality profile for free HIV dating sites. Be honest about what you do. Be honest about your looks. Be honest about what you like to do. Do not say you are 5′ 7″, 109 pounds, and a model if you are 5′2″ 135 pounds and a stenographer. Should you choose to actually meet someone in person, you will quickly be made out to be a liar. In addition the person who was attracted to you was actually attracted to a fantasy.


Choose what is most important to you and begin with this when discussing yourself on these free HIV dating sites. For example, if you are passionate about dogs and own three or four, mention this in the first few lines of your profile. If you are looking for someone who is of a particular religion, then include this in the beginning of your profile. The first few lines should have those factors that are the most important to you.

Do Not Be Mundane

We all love walks on the beach and romantic candlelight dinners. Include in your profile that which makes you different from others. Maybe you enjoy reading science fiction or love to go white water rafting or are an expert at playing the drums. These unusual talents make you stand out from others on these free dating sites and are more likely to get you noticed.

Include Dislikes

If there is something you positively dislike, then mention it. Maybe you dislike smokers, or can’t stand football, or you positively hate going to the beach. This way you will dissuade those who smoke or love football and the beach from contacting you. Remember these are only dislikes where there is no room for compromise. Otherwise keep your dislikes to yourself, as you do not want your profile to be too negative.

The Tone

Do not write “boring” profiles on these free dating sites. You do not want to sound like you are lecturing the reader. This will cause a potential mate to move on to someone else. Keep your tone light. Keep your choice of words upbeat and positive. If possible, try and be funny or whimsical as this will draw attention to your profile and make you more likeable.

Subjects to Avoid

Never, never talk about past relationships in your profile. All that matters is you are single now. Do not talk about a recent divorce or break up. At this point, those issues do not matter. Do not include any recent stressful events in your profile. If you have lost a loved one, started a new job, or recently moved, keep this information out of your profile. Stressful events in your profile will create stress in the reader and they will move on and not try and contact you.

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