How to Achieve Success on Your First Date

First date should not be a terrifying experience but it should be something exciting that will create good memories. Most people who are preparing for this special day are always anxious because they do not want this special event to turn into a disaster. Achieving success on your first date is not as difficult as you think it is if you know how.

Here are some tips to achieve success on your first HIV dating

Do not expect too much. The number one source of disappointment is expecting too much. It is not about lowering your standards but it is about setting realistic expectations to avoid disappointment. Sometimes we fall into the trap of expecting our dates to be someone we want them to be and then get frustrated if they are not. You are trying to mold them to fit into your “ideal mate” standard than trying to discover their different traits that might be better than what you set as ideal. The less expectation you have of others, the more you can accept who they really are, and the happier you will be on your date. To achieve success on your first date, set realistic expectations.

Decide where to go on your first date. For men, you should decide where to go and take into consideration the preference of your lady date. Ladies, it is polite to take into consideration the capacity of your male date. Choosing the right place for your date is another key to achieve success on your first date. It is best to pick a low key or casual place for your date to avoid too much pressure and the surrounding is ideal for a good conversation. Coffee shop is still a good place for first date where you both can talk casually. Avoid going too cheap like fast foods and avoid too extravagant places that you cannot afford because you might end up eating the cheapest list on the menu. Be realistic and be creative.

Dress better than usual. This is your first date and of course you have to create a good lasting impression. Do not neglect your hygiene and you should smell good. Wear clean and ironed clothes, clean finger nails, well kept hair and polished shoes. Wear something new, a new shirt, a new dress or a new bag. It doesn’t have to be expensive but making an effort to wear something special on your first date will make her or him feel special too. Achieving success on your first date should start with your looks or appearance.

Listen and do not talk too much. Do not fall into the trap of talking too much about yourself, stop talking once in a while and listen to what your date is saying. It is a conversation not a monologue so you have to give him/her the chance to talk and listen. Choose light topics for your conversation, first date is not the time to talk about exes and heartaches, it should be light and fun. Having great conversation is another key to achieve success on your first date.

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