How to Achieve Success on Your First Date

First date should not be a terrifying experience but it should be something exciting that will create good memories. Most people who are preparing for this special day are always anxious because they do not want this special event to turn into a disaster. Achieving success on your first date is not as difficult as you think it is if you know how.

Here are some tips to achieve success on your first HIV dating

Do not expect too much. The number one source of disappointment is expecting too much. It is not about lowering your standards but it is about setting realistic expectations to avoid disappointment. Sometimes we fall into the trap of expecting our dates to be someone we want them to be and then get frustrated if they are not. You are trying to mold them to fit into your “ideal mate” standard than trying to discover their different traits that might be better than what you set as ideal. The less expectation you have of others, the more you can accept who they really are, and the happier you will be on your date. To achieve success on your first date, set realistic expectations.

Decide where to go on your first date. For men, you should decide where to go and take into consideration the preference of your lady date. Ladies, it is polite to take into consideration the capacity of your male date. Choosing the right place for your date is another key to achieve success on your first date. It is best to pick a low key or casual place for your date to avoid too much pressure and the surrounding is ideal for a good conversation. Coffee shop is still a good place for first date where you both can talk casually. Avoid going too cheap like fast foods and avoid too extravagant places that you cannot afford because you might end up eating the cheapest list on the menu. Be realistic and be creative.

Dress better than usual. This is your first date and of course you have to create a good lasting impression. Do not neglect your hygiene and you should smell good. Wear clean and ironed clothes, clean finger nails, well kept hair and polished shoes. Wear something new, a new shirt, a new dress or a new bag. It doesn’t have to be expensive but making an effort to wear something special on your first date will make her or him feel special too. Achieving success on your first date should start with your looks or appearance.

Listen and do not talk too much. Do not fall into the trap of talking too much about yourself, stop talking once in a while and listen to what your date is saying. It is a conversation not a monologue so you have to give him/her the chance to talk and listen. Choose light topics for your conversation, first date is not the time to talk about exes and heartaches, it should be light and fun. Having great conversation is another key to achieve success on your first date.

How To Write A Top Personality Profile For Free HIV Dating Sites

The most important part of joining free dating sites is composing an outstanding personality profile. By following a few simple tips, you will have a profile that makes potential mates sit up and take notice.

The purpose of joining free dating sites is to find a potential partner. Yet for these sites to be effective, it is important to effectively market yourself. With all the hundreds of other people online, your profile must stand out above all others. There are a few tips you can follow to make your personality profile stand out amongst all the others.

Be Honest

Do not lie on your profile. This is the most important tip to follow when writing a personality profile for free HIV dating sites. Be honest about what you do. Be honest about your looks. Be honest about what you like to do. Do not say you are 5′ 7″, 109 pounds, and a model if you are 5′2″ 135 pounds and a stenographer. Should you choose to actually meet someone in person, you will quickly be made out to be a liar. In addition the person who was attracted to you was actually attracted to a fantasy.


Choose what is most important to you and begin with this when discussing yourself on these free HIV dating sites. For example, if you are passionate about dogs and own three or four, mention this in the first few lines of your profile. If you are looking for someone who is of a particular religion, then include this in the beginning of your profile. The first few lines should have those factors that are the most important to you.

Do Not Be Mundane

We all love walks on the beach and romantic candlelight dinners. Include in your profile that which makes you different from others. Maybe you enjoy reading science fiction or love to go white water rafting or are an expert at playing the drums. These unusual talents make you stand out from others on these free dating sites and are more likely to get you noticed.

Include Dislikes

If there is something you positively dislike, then mention it. Maybe you dislike smokers, or can’t stand football, or you positively hate going to the beach. This way you will dissuade those who smoke or love football and the beach from contacting you. Remember these are only dislikes where there is no room for compromise. Otherwise keep your dislikes to yourself, as you do not want your profile to be too negative.

The Tone

Do not write “boring” profiles on these free dating sites. You do not want to sound like you are lecturing the reader. This will cause a potential mate to move on to someone else. Keep your tone light. Keep your choice of words upbeat and positive. If possible, try and be funny or whimsical as this will draw attention to your profile and make you more likeable.

Subjects to Avoid

Never, never talk about past relationships in your profile. All that matters is you are single now. Do not talk about a recent divorce or break up. At this point, those issues do not matter. Do not include any recent stressful events in your profile. If you have lost a loved one, started a new job, or recently moved, keep this information out of your profile. Stressful events in your profile will create stress in the reader and they will move on and not try and contact you.

Still HIV Dating in a Tough Economy

“We’re going to have to stop talking about budget reform. We’re going to have to totally embrace it. It’s an absolute necessity.” Those were the words of President Barack Obama during a meeting with his economic advisors.

Many Americans are way ahead of the game when it comes to budget reform. The current economic meltdown has forced people to reevaluate their spending habits. Things that were taken for granted just a year or so ago have now become out of reach for a whole lot of consumers.

HIV Dating relationships like everything else are not immune to tough economic times. Going out once a week to eat at some upscale restaurant now turns into once every couple of weeks or maybe longer. Buying a gift for your date may have also taken a hit. Sure you would love to get them something nice but one look at the price tag makes you think twice about it.

There is little choice during an economic downturn but to grow thriftier in your finances. You want to do as many nice things for your date as possible but romance without finance is a tough proposition. Not that you want to buy your dating partner’s affection yet the fact of the matter is money at this present time makes the world go round.

Is it a dilemma? If you plan to stop HIV dating on a permanent basis and miser your money like Ebenezer Scrooge the answer is no. Barring that it does require some personal living adjustments.

1. Reprogram Your Habits

You and your date got quite used to those times when you both got paid on the same day and really painted the town. For those brief moments, it seemed like money was no object.

Maybe you still have it like that but a little change in spending habits can only strengthen your finances down the road. It’s difficult because we live in a world that bombards us with 24/7 advertising. As soon as you fight off one temptation, you’re hit with another. Program yourself to curb the impulse buying and fight thru the marketing blitzes.

2. Investigate

There are some people who are the budget kings and queens. It’s almost like they have built in detectors that can sniff out any coupons, sales and everything else when it comes to saving money.

You can do the same thing by understanding it is not a gift that these people have been blessed with but good old fashion hard work. Going out to eat? Play detective and see what establishment is offering an early bird special or quality meal of the day. What about going to a concert? Check the radio stations to see if you can win some tickets or dig a little further and see if there is a way to get them at a discount. If not this is where reprogramming comes in. Front row center may be ideal but will definitely carry a higher price tag than being seated in the middle or back of the auditorium.

3. Hard Choices

It was a gimme between you and your dating partner just a short time ago. Concert, dinner, dancing followed by a nightcap and that was just on Tuesdays. Now you just heard from your supervisor that the rumors are true. No you are not going to get laid off but you are not getting a raise either. That makes the third consecutive instance that this has occurred.

The company made a hard choice (unfortunately for you) to cut back. You may have to do the same when it comes to your dating relationship. You love those throw caution to the wind Tuesdays but occasionally it’s going to be in your best interest to stay at home and watch a movie on television or cook a meal together and play a board game. Have some friends over once in a while and spend the evening in conversation with the TV set off. There are a lot of creative date ideas. The point is you are going to have to tell yourself and your date no from time to time.

None of these things are easy and it can come as a jolt especially if you and your dating partner have never been inclined to worry about finances all that much previously. But these are not ordinary times. You want your date to understand but more than that you want them to work with you. If the two of you feel strong about each other than being money smart and budget conscious is only going to payoff as you continue to build your relationship.

HIV Dating Tips – How to Make Dating a Magical Event

HIV Dating is a time when you have the opportunity to make or break a lasting (or the prospect of it) relationship with the person you are attracted to most. It is a fragile moment when your date is supposed to like you in the first 10 minutes or make her give your request of a second date a second thought.

Your success at getting a truly awesome relationship rests in how well you handle your first or even the succeeding dates with the person you are deeply infatuated with. So, when going out on a date, especially if it’s on your first date, be sure to have everything thought out well enough to make it a truly magical experience for you and for your date.


First of all, realize that dating, especially the first one, is just a way to get to know each other. Remember, you asked the person out because you were sincerely interested and utterly attracted to him or her in the first place. So, what’s the point of rushing into things other than getting to know the person first?

To facilitate the mood of the event, pick a nice place to go beforehand. It is safe to ask the person beforehand where he or she wants to go. Is the person keen on heading to the concert slated this Friday evening? Is the person a great fan of Twilight the movie? Is he or she a sushi buff? Or is he or she hinting at the classic candlelight dinner? It’s all up to you really to find out.

Be very conscious of how you look as well when you go out to a date. But don’t discount the wisdom of “being your plain old self”. Remember, if the person said “yes” to your invitation in the first place, that means he or she was not turned off by how you look the moment you asked the person out. Otherwise, you’ve had gotten a plain cold “no”. Just brush up on a few little things like wearing the appropriate clothes for the occasion, wearing just the right makeup, wearing a little perfume (little means just right so your date won’t suffocate), etc. Don’t overdo things. Just be your plain old self.

Most importantly, to make your date feel good and to make yourself feel good about yourself (honestly it will), realize that dating is an “all about you” (the other person) affair. Most of the time, we tend to just talk about stuff that relate to us. We engage in hours long monologue without checking to see if our date is truly engaged with you in the moment. To make the event a truly “all about the other person” affair find out what interests him or her and focus your conversation on it. Don’t let your conversation just wander off. But when asking about stuff that interests the other person don’t be too intrusive. Ask about how she likes the sport he or she is on right now. Find out by “listening without interrupting” what’s interesting about her. When you finally find out what’s interesting about him or her, encourage the person to talk about it and show your sincere interest as well. Bear in mind that false interest barely work.

I remember reading a chapter in one of Dale Carnegie’s book relating to this. The host of the party where he went one night told the other guests that he had never talked to a great conversationalist before like Dale Carnegie. They were engaged in several hours of conversation that night. Do you know how the conversation went? Dale was just listening the whole time and the other guy was hard at talking his heart out.

HIV Dating shouldn’t be hard. It shouldn’t be any harder if you just let the other person be the “person of the occasion”. By simply letting the other person feel truly important, the magic of dating will come to life.

Yahoo Personals, Chat and Astrology Reviews

Chat, Astrology & Online HIV Dating Reviews
Yahoo Personals, Chat Rooms, Online Dating Services, Astrology, Free Greeting Cards and Huggable Talking Gifts. Let us help you find a friend, check the stars, send a Greeting Card or send a Huggable Personalized Teddy Bear.

A Match for Everyone!!!
This online HIV dating site is different from other online dating sites and that is what makes it great. To sign up you must fill out an extensive profile (this can take some time) and when you are done they weed out 97% of their users and point you to the 3% that you are truly compatible with. Then if you like your matches you contact one or more of your matches and get to know each other. There are a lot of people on the net who are saying great things about this new style of online dating.
Yahoo Personals One of the largest and most visited HIV dating sites on the Internet, drawing about four million visitors monthly, being it’s biggest competitor. Yahoo Personals is a safe, simple and inexpensive way for Canadian and American singles to meet people that live near them. The service has greatly improved since it switched over to being paid personals. In addition to adding a new and improved matchmaking system, members can now enhance their profile by including a voice and video greeting in it. If you’re already a Yahoo member, which most of us are, just sign in and start creating your profile right away. Non member can register free to have access to the personals and all other services offer by Yahoo – Games – Chat – Yahoo Messenger – Free Mail Accounts..
——————————————————————————– In the online dating world, you won’t find too many better dating sites than is a leading subscription-based online HIV dating site, offering adults worldwide a fun, private and secure environment for meeting other singles.’s personals businesses claim more than 724,000 paying subscribers and more than 8 million members with profiles posted or who are active users.
American Singles offers its members the most advanced communication tools of any current dating site around. In addition, American Singles boasts one of the largest dating communities in the world with hundreds of thousands of dating personals. Some of the coolest dating personal ad tools we have ever seen. For example, you can actually see which singles have viewed your personal ad and send “teases” even if you are a free dating member. Well worth the 5 minutes it takes to sign-up!
One and Only One and Only is one of our favorites. This website has it all…anonymous email, chat, great profiles, terriffic interface, horoscopes, message boards and much more. Plus to top it off they have plenty of members to make finding someone easy.
I Want You Aphrodite – IwantU’s own personal Love Goddess will match you up with other members with no effort on your part. She will send you potential dates right to your Mailbox. Private Messages – With your own IwantU Pager you will receive automatic notification of any new message. You will have access to send and receive private message from your Mailbox. Live Chat – Not only can you keep in touch with other members through private messages but you can also chat live in one of our many chat rooms! Meeting that “perfect” somebody couldn’t be any easier! Gallery. As a member you can create your own Hotlist and Ignore list, host chatrooms, get your own email address, and turn your profile on and off when you’ve become inundated with email from other members.
——————————————————————————– This website has it all…Like many other places on the internet, has chat rooms where you can hang out and meet other people. The difference is that that at Date everyone is single and looking to hook up. We have chat rooms set up for all ages and sexual preferences. If you have a Special hobby or Fetish, set up your own chat room.
——————————————————————————– contains millions of registered members worldwide. Search the profiles by entering your requirements, eg:- age, country etc gives you realtime statistics of how many Friendfinder users are online. You can browse a few listings at Friendfinder, however, if you sign up for free basic membership you can see more profiles. The Cupid service at Friendfinder allows you to describe the type of person(s) you are looking for, and the site will then notify you via weekly emails of new Friendfinder members who match your preferences. Sharpen your dating skills with the FREE Relationship Workshop.
——————————————————————————– A HIV dating community online whose main goal is to provide high-quality personal ads and an easy-to-use system in order to help you connect with other singles in your area or around the world. Safe and very interesting for meeting people, finding activity partners and more. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND signing up for this dating service and trying it out .
——————————————————————————– Claims 1.2M personals and divides it’s profiles into Basic: gender, age, location etc. Interests: Allows you to reveal more information about the types of things that interest you. Adult: questions specific to your sexual interests. You can control who sees your Adult profile with the privacy options. personals tend to be more sex-orientated than relationship-orientated. There is no profile matching facility although filtered emails are an option. Premium Personals are similar to the PersonalPlus service offered by PlanetOut as both are part of the same network. They offer extensive chatrooms but they have recently dropped most of the regional specialist chat-rooms. This means in the Mature Men room you could end up chatting with someone from the other side of the world.
——————————————————————————– CupidJunction is powered by the Relationship Exchange. The Relationship Exchange is a network of successful personals web sites with access to a shared database of millions of online personal profiles. For you, this means more successful searches, more communication, and more matches.ANOTHER HIGHLY RECOMMEND SITE – sign up for this dating service and trying it out .
——————————————————————————– helps people find, connect, and keep in touch with old school friends, lost loves, business contacts, family members, and friends. Member benefits include the ability to e-mail groups and individuals, maintain an online address book, post and read messages, share photos with friends, post reunions and events, and automatically keep your contact’s information up to date.

Free Horoscopes & Psychic Readings Get a free psychic reading just for joining Keen has over 175,000 advisors on 250,000 topics like Accounting, Business, Dieting, Dating, Computers, Personal Finance, Taxes, Legal Issues and more. can help you find an advisor no matter what you need help with. You can talk with the advisor for as long as you’d like. You pay a per-minute fee, so there is no limit to the amount of time you can spend on the phone with your advisor. Keen wants every call you make to be a satisfactory experience. If it isn’t, they’ll credit your Keen account for the amount of the call, up to a limit of $25.
——————————————————————————– provides daily horoscopes and free pshycic readings, future predictions, compatibility reports. The reports go into depth about all the planets and stars and how they influence your life. Your FREE Sample Destiny Report is just a few steps away! Based on your birth date, this FREE sample gives you unique insight into your desires and destined path. After you have read your sample, go beyond the basics by purchasing your full-length Destiny Report, with insight into past incarnated experiences, future challenges and your current life’s focus. A great site that should be tried.
——————————————————————————– This site sends you free daily and weekly astrology predictions by email once you register. Their predictions especially the daily ones are very interesting to read and as they are based on your personal readings it comes right. But the weekly and monthly forecast are based on the sun sign of yours so they are very general and of course there must be millions of people who share a common sun sign, and they send the daily forecast based on the birthdate and your rising sign too. Go ahead and visit and surely register, its worth it.
——————————————————————————– This site sends you free daily and weekly astrology predictions by email once you register. Their predictions especially the daily ones are very interesting to read and as they are based on your personal readings it comes right. But the weekly and monthly forecast are based on the sun sign of yours so they are very general and of course there must be millions of people who share a common sun sign, and they send the daily forecast based on the birthdate and your rising sign too. Go ahead and visit and surely register, its worth it.

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